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ZeldaQueen: Sorry for the vanishing act there, people. Plenty more stupidity ahead, though!

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ZeldaQueen: This here? This is another one of those infamous chapters. Just...be ready with the anger

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ZeldaQueen: Alright. After that last bit, we still need to finish up the chapter. Not too much more to this one, folks. Let's go!

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ZeldaQueen: *tiredly* This chapter? This chapter is possibly the worst one yet. Have a drink on hand, ladies and gentlemen

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ZeldaQueen: Time for more Ghosts of the Abyss! We're nearly halfway to That Scene We Shan't Speak Of, and nearly a quarter of the way through the entire fic. Hang in there, ladies and gentlemen!

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ZeldaQueen: So Zoey is at the House of Night and walked in on some girl blowing some guy. That surely isn't coming back to haunt us

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ZeldaQueen: You know, I'm almost surprised at how short these chapters are. Not that I'm complaining, mind

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ZeldaQueen: Hey there, everyone! The last few chapters here are really short, and I want to put this thing to rest so that I can concentrate on other stuff, especially Holly Potter, who has gotten an update recently *snarls* That being said, let's get through this!

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ZeldaQueen: Well, I'm back and so is Link and we've got more of the epic sucky mediocre tale of Jenna. I won't lie to you folks, this chapter and the next one or two really steam my clams. I mean, I know we just had the God-awful sex and all, but there's going to be a lot of insane entitlement here and that's what I really hate in this

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Projection Room Voices: Are you...settled? Ready to continue the chapter?

ZeldaQueen: Just a minute. I want to get a couple more sporkers to help me out here.

Projection Room Voices: Who'll you have?

ZeldaQueen: I need some people who are tougher, who can handle a few more chapters...bring me Midna, Zant, Majora, and Link!

Projection Room Voices: Right away. *intercom* Will Link the Hero of Time, Zant Usurper of Twilight, Majora, and Midna the Twilight Princess please report to the Sporking Chamber?

*minutes pass while elevator music plays*

Midna: What is it now? I had the day off.

ZeldaQueen: You're helping me spork the rest of this chapter of Breaking Dawn.

Link: What? You've got to be kidding me!

ZeldaQueen: And if you're good, I'll have you help me with some other chapters.

Zant: Oh, horray! I do love a good sporking! This is so exciting, isn't it Midna?

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Projection Room Voices: Part 2 of Breaking Dawn sporking about to begin. ZeldaQueen, are you ready?

ZeldaQueen: Nearly. I’ve looked over the notes and notes from the future for this though, and I’d like to request a few additional sporkers for help.

Projection Room Voices: Certainly. Which ones?

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