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Hey, everyone! ZeldaQueen, checking in with you all. Originally this post was meant to be very different, but then it got deleted because such is life.

Long story short, I kind of fell behind on a bunch of stuff because last weekend was Tekkoshocon, Pittsburgh's own anime convention! I had a ton of fun with everyone and was planning to give a very detailed account of what all happened. Given that I was hit with a few more things to address here though, I decided to make this post an update on things in general. So! *claps hands* What's going on!

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To make up for that mood whiplash, I'm going to conclude this post with a story from Tekkoshocon which I swear is 100% true and in no way embellished. Because my panel had run over its allotted time and hit the point where the convention center rooms were supposed to be locked up and I still had one last fanfiction to have read, I told everyone present that if they wanted to have an unofficial reading of the final scene, we could meet at the roof of the convention center at noon the next day (this would be Sunday, the last day of the convention). The reading was the sex scene written for Sword Art Online in its original light novel format (sporked by Raxis on the comm, for anyone interested) and the turn-out was respectable. We were all having a fine time, reading away and pausing for rants like "WHY WOULD A VIRTUAL VIDEO GAME PROGRAM FOR BODILY FLUIDS TO DISAPPEAR IN BEADS OF LIGHT?" We were about halfway through and things were really getting uh...steamy, so to speak, when something happened that could not have been more perfect if it was scripted.

Two cosplayers - a boy and a girl - stopped by on the roof.

They were dressed as Kirito and Asuna, the leads of Sword Art Online and the subjects of our reading.

They were far enough away that they couldn't hear us, but we could all see them and freaked. This was the most hilarious thing we could think of, and nobody could decide what to do. Call them over? Say something? Ignore them? Read louder?

As we were deciding, my boyfriend just decided to take matters into his own hands (he does this often) and walked across the roof to them. We could see him saying something to them, which none of us could actually hear. We could all probably guess though, because a split second later, Asuna whipped around to face us and shouted, "YOU'RE READING WHAT?!?"

She then came running over, Kirito in tow, and grabbed the chapter we were reading. I asked her if she wanted to read along with us. She gave it a shot, but only managed to get out one sentence. After that, she quickly left the roof, laughing hysterically and followed by Kirito.

The rest of the reading passed by relatively uneventful. We saw two other different Kirito cosplayers, but none of them ended up interacting with us like that. The whole thing was just brilliant.

I think I'll bring that particular chapter back to read at the panel proper, assuming I'm approved for Round Three next year.

So, that's about all the news from my end. If there are any thoughts, questions, concerns, or observations related to any of this or anything I should have addressed but didn't, please drop me a comment! This is my moment for catching up, so if there's a sporking you'd like to see taking higher priority or something you'd like me to deal with or take care of, now's an excellent time to say so. I promise, unless you're insulting me directly or whatever, I will not be angry. Hell, if you're creative enough with your insults, it's possible even then that I'd be impressed. I'd rather you didn't, but still.

So, yeah. Tell me what is on your mind, hope to pick things up soon! Have a wonderful Sunday evening!
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It would appear that there is, indeed, interest in a group sporking/recapping of Gabriel's Inferno, so I finally sat down and got things set up for one! Those of you who saw my sign-ups for the Mortal Instruments group sporkings will be familiar with how this works. For those who haven't, it's very simple. I will have a list of chapters here, and anyone interested in sporking will comment on this post (or, if you really prefer, PM me) and tell me which chapter(s) you would like to spork.

Right! Simple enough! We'll just move on then to a few rules...

1.) You have to read the entire story, or at the very least know what happens in the book

I know, I know, the book sucks and it's hardly fair for the person who got, say, chapter twenty to have to have read all the way up there. Still, even if you don't actually read the whole thing, you have to have some knowledge of what happened thus far. We don't want issues of a sporking being filled with questions like, "Who's that?" or "What's that even mean?" or "What are they talking about?" when those things have already been answered. At the very least, if you absolutely can't get through, PM me or whatever and ask for the highlights of whatever sections you can't make it through. Or ask a friend who read the book. Or what have you, I don't know. The upshot is, at least have some passing understanding of the events that lead up to your chapter.

Edit: The story can be read online here, for those who can't find copies of their own.

2.) There is no word or length limit to the sporkings

Self-explanatory. I know folks worry about being too wordy or long-winded, but don't. Don't worry about the Livejournal word count limit. Don't worry that your sporking is too long. Don't worry if it has to be split up into multiple parts. Trust me when I say that everyone would rather an in-depth sporking than one that glosses over everything. If anything, remember how few in-depth sporkings there are of this book, and consider how we're pioneering through relatively uncharted waters. This is your chance to dig deep and discuss nuggets of horrible that were probably missed before now. Seize the opportunity, folks!

If you know your sporking will need to be broken up, incidentally, feel free to mark in the sporking where you'd like the breaks to be. If you don't, or if you didn't know it would be multiple parts, I'll choose a natural breaking point myself, so it's no issue. If there's a preference though, just be sure to let me know.

3.) New sporkers, lurkers, and anonymous folks are all welcome to sign up

This is a group project, and everyone is welcome! Don't worry if this is your first sporking or if you don't have an account. If you want to take a chapter, have at it!

If this is your first time sporking and you are nervous or concerned about making some sort of faux pas, feel free to ask about anything. This is all for fun, and no one should take this on while worried that they'll screw up and be shot for it or something.

For any anonymous people who want to take a chapter, I will need (A) a name of some sort to credit your sporking to and (B) some means of contacting you. The name certainly does not have to be your real life name. You can give me any name you like (any appropriate name, obviously). The means of contacting you can be whatever is most convenient. It just has to be something that I can actually reach you at. Don't give me the ten-year-old e-mail address that you never check for mail anymore, because chances are I will need to get in touch with you for some reason or another, and if I can't get in touch with you and you don't get in touch with me, I might incorrectly assume you've dropped the sporking.

4.) Do not spork the chapter word for word

This is a published work. Sporking the entire thing line by line is a no-no. You are more than welcome to quote, but the bulk of the sporking ought to be in a recap-style, similar to what I do for my book sporkings, or what Mervin is doing for her Twilight porkings.

Other than that though? The sporking style is up to you. If you want to bring in your favorite fictional character to spork with you, if you want to do some of it in script-style, if you want to use GIFs, go for it! (Though in the last event, you may need to e-mail me the GIF or picture files as attachments, along with the sporking itself. I had a few issues with pictures in the past, and don't want to have to snip anything for someone's work just because I can't pull it up ^^; )

5.) First come, first serve

This is not a continuation of the Mortal Instruments sporking, therefore even the previous rule about newcomers getting first pick is wiped clean. Everyone, as far as I'm concerned, is a newcomer for this. It's all good.

What that means, though, is that anyone who requests something available gets it. First come, first serve, etc. We'll get into multiple requests in a minute, but if two folks ask for Chapter 12, the first person's getting it.

HOWEVER, if there is a chapter that you REALLY want and has already been claimed, you can add in your comment if you'd like to be an understudy sporker for it, of sorts. Real life butts in, folks find themselves unable to finish their chapter, it's fine, life goes on. If we know that you really wanted that one chapter but were beaten to the punch, we'll know to ask you to take it up if it is made available again.

6.) This sporking will be posted when...

Like with the Mortal Instruments sporkings, this one will be hosted at the community [livejournal.com profile] das_sporking. It will begin at some point after the City of Ashes group sporking has finished, but before City of Glass is set up. I had considered starting this after the Mortal Instruments series was done completely, but Cassandra Clare seems determined to have it run longer than certain Mesopotamian epics, so there's no sense in stringing it out that long. Variety's the spice and all, so we'll mix things up a bit.

(For those who are curious, in the event that this sporking has a good turnout and reception, we'll see about sporking its sequels - and yes, it's a trilogy - between other of Clare's books)

Now, since there are still some chapters remaining for City of Ashes, there are at least a few weeks remaining for that. We don't need to kick this off immediately after it ends though, so there's still some leeway. To try to have some idea of the timelines folks are working on, this group sporking, I would appreciate it if folks could include a general estimate on how long they expect it to take for the sporkings to get to me. It doesn't have to be a perfect figure and it's perfectly fine if you end up needing a bit more time, but I would like to have some idea of how long I'm waiting for. Meanwhile...

7.) If something comes up, please inform me of it

It's fine if you want to trade chapters with someone. It's fine if real life is kicking your butt and you need to bow out of the sporking. It's fine if things are just taking a little longer than expected. All I ask is that you tell me of these things. If you swap chapters or have to give up the sporking or told me a deadline that it turns out is too soon for you, tell me so that I know what's going on. In spite of what you may think of me, I don't like pestering any of you and I don't want to needlessly poke someone about a sporking that is no longer their responsibility or something. Much obliged!

8.) We'll start with two recaps per person

While there was interest in this project, I'm not sure how many folks will be turning out. So, when you comment and list the chapters you'd like, I will sign you up for the first two you name.

THAT BEING SAID, there's the good chance that there will be chapters left unclaimed, in which case a person would certainly be allowed to take on more than two if they'd like. So if there are a few more chapters you're potentially interested in sporking, list them as well and I'll keep that in mind. On MAY 24TH, if there are still unclaimed chapters, I will start signing folks up for more than two if they'd like. So after that date, if you're interested in that sort of thing, please check back and let me know!

9.) Is the author a man or a woman?

I don't know, and so far as I know, neither does anyone else. I've seen Sylvian Reynard referred to with feminine and masculine pronouns by various people, so I honestly don't know. If you're confused as to which to go with, I'd suggest just picking "he" or "she" and running with it. For whatever it's worth, their username when the work was still fanfiction was "Sebastien Robichaud".

10.) Is this actual fanfiction? In which case, can this been found online?

Much like Fifty Shades of Grey, this book originated from a Twilight fanfiction, this one a Human!AU by the title of "The University of Edward Masen". The fanfiction has been removed from the internet, though there are fansites and blogs and such that host it for download (or, if you're interested in comparision, ask me). Since Reynard actually did do a bit more editing than changing the names though, we're going off of the official published version. If you're unable to locate a copy in your library or such, please PM me and we'll come to some sort of arrangement.

11.) To contact me:

My e-mail address is zeldaqueen64@gmail.com. To send me your sporking, or if you have any questions, you can reach me that way.

Other than that, I read all comments and PMs, so you can contact me that way if you have any questions.

(On the subject of sending me the sporkings, if you send them in attached documents, .doc ones are best, if at all possible. If you send documents in a form that requires a specific program to access it, please let me know. Documents sent in HTML are most convenient, however if you don't or can't type in that, regular text is fine!)

12.) Have fun

'Nuff said!

Chapters open for sign-ups!

Prologue/Chapter 1 - [livejournal.com profile] gehayi (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 2 - [livejournal.com profile] delyhisb (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 3 - [livejournal.com profile] delyhisb (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 4 - [livejournal.com profile] zelda_queen
Chapter 5 - [livejournal.com profile] marasquine (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 6 - [livejournal.com profile] zelda_queen
Chapter 7 - [livejournal.com profile] ketmakura
Chapter 8 - [livejournal.com profile] radiantstardust (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 9- [livejournal.com profile] radiantstardust (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 10 - [livejournal.com profile] often_partisan (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 11 - [livejournal.com profile] gehayi (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 12 - [livejournal.com profile] sweettalkeress (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 13 - [livejournal.com profile] sweettalkeress (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 14 - [livejournal.com profile] illyriasacolyte (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 15 - [livejournal.com profile] textureoftime (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 16 - [livejournal.com profile] insanepurin (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 17 - [livejournal.com profile] sweettalkeress (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 18 - [livejournal.com profile] sweettalkeress (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 19 - [livejournal.com profile] illyriasacolyte (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 20
- [livejournal.com profile] ketmakura
Chapter 21 - [livejournal.com profile] commander30 (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 22 - [livejournal.com profile] illyriasacolyte (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 23 - [livejournal.com profile] astra_aurora (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 24 - [livejournal.com profile] often_partisan (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 25 - Gogzooky (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 26 - [livejournal.com profile] cal_yn (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 27 - Gogzooky (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 28 - [livejournal.com profile] zelda_queen
Chapter 29 - [livejournal.com profile] astra_aurora (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 30 - [livejournal.com profile] astra_aurora (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 31 - [livejournal.com profile] kawatche (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 32 - [livejournal.com profile] kawatche (SPORKING RECEIVED)
Chapter 33 - [livejournal.com profile] kawatche
Chapter 34 - [livejournal.com profile] marasquine (SPORKING RECEIVED)

ON ONE FINAL NOTE! Since this is a little different from the Mortal Instruments series, with this group sporking, I do reserve the right to make notes in the sporkings sent in. Just little things, like noting which characters were originally which ones from Twilight and so forth! I will be sure to inform all sporkers of any notes made, so yeah.

That should be about everything, so peace!
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Heya, guys and girls! A lot of you are probably aware of the ongoing Mortal Instruments group sporkings we've been doing. Well, I'm here to see if you guys are interested in tackling a group sporking of another bit of published fanfiction: Gabriel's Inferno, by Sylvain Reynard.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, the book began as a Twilight Human!AU fanfiction by the title of "The University of Edward Masen", in which Edward is a brooding college professor and Bella is a sweet student with a history of neglect and emotional abuse, and they met once in the past and loved each other ever since, a la Dante and Beatrice.

Yeah, going off of that, the Suethor shoves a lot of references to the Divine Comedy in there, especially the relationship between Dante and Beatrice. So for those of you fond of the classics? This is something you'll want to get in on.

Besides that, it shares many of the bad qualities of other fanfiction knock-offs. The characters keep their canon loathesome traits, and in some cases they even get amplified. Julia (Not!Bella) shows brief flickers of sense, which are hampered by her refusal to give up on Gabriel (Not!Edward), no matter how much of a douchebag he is to her. Meanwhile, neither of them seem to consider the implications of a professor dating his student. The story is pretentious as all fuck, Not!Jacob is HORRIBLE (granted we're not supposed to consider him a love interest, but like many Suethors, Reynard seemed to think that making him as overblown as possible was the only way to have him be credible as a villain), and Leah is turned into his partner-in-crime who does anal sex with him and is prominently bisexual and...yeah, sexuality is a whole 'nother can of worms here. There's the stupid religious references, the way Julia's treated like a child and a scared bunny rabbit (her romantic false lead even gives her the nickname of "Rabbit", even though she has no clue why), the obvious Twilight elements, and Gabriel's foot fetish. Which we hear about far more than is necessary.

So yeah, is anyone interested in participating in a group sporking of this and it's sequels? If so, sound off and I'll get a sign-up sheet started. Ideally, we'll try to get things started quickly, and hopefully start posting this group sporking after City of Ashes is done. So let me know, and I'll get the ball rolling!


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