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ZeldaQueen: You guys, it is time for us to embark on a long and Sue-filled journey. We are starting off with the first book ever written by PC Cast. Is it as bad as House of Night? There is but one way to find out, so let us begin!


I want to warmly thank the very vocal—very enthusiastic fans of the original Goddess by Mistake.

ZeldaQueen: For the curious, Goddess by Mistake was the title this book was originally published under. That title, like the current one, doesn't really describe the book (the self insert neither becomes divine/a goddess nor does her situation happen by mistake), but I suppose saying the lead became “divine” is less Mary Sue-infurating than flat-out saying she became a goddess.

You made my career possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

ZeldaQueen: Damn it all, so this is how it all began! *weeps*

I would also like to acknowledge the review staff at Romantic Times BOOK club. Y’all “discovered” me with a 4 ½ Stars Top Pick Gold review when this was just an obscure small press book. Wow! I’ll never forget the excitement of that very first review. Thank you.

ZeldaQueen: So yeah, as you can see, this story started out pretty small. It really should have stayed that way, in my opinion, but there isn't a lot of justice in the literary world.

I'm aware I'm hardly the most unbiased person, incidentally, but I'm really not sure how this story warrants four and a half stars. Even if you look at it solely as a fluffy romance, it's not particularly compelling or interesting. But, that's for later!

Thank you to my friend and agent, Meredith Bernstein, who read this book overnight and knew we had something special.

ZeldaQueen: Given the length, I doubt anyone could read this overnight and have good judgment about its worth. I really hope that was just a figure of speech or hyperbole.

And it’s with gratitude that I acknowledge the fabulous Stacy Boyd, who really “gets” Partholon and Shannon, which made the editorial process on this book totally unpainful.

ZeldaQueen: ...Methinks that explains a damned lot about the worldbuilding!fail and blatant Mary Sueism of the protagonist. And I'd say that an editing process that was “totally unpainful” was one that wasn't very worthwhile.

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